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Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding photography can be an extremely stressful environment if you do not have the poise and knowledge to control the situation. I have seen way too many times where the money is flashed in front of photographers thinking weddings are just like shooting portraits. This couldn't be farther from the truth.

  1. KNOW YOUR EQUIPMENT - Things can change at a wedding at the drop of a hat. You have to be ready at a moments notice. Always expect the unexpected.

  2. HAVE A PLAN - Plan, plan, plan. Know your restrictions and limitations! Know your routes, your setup wayyyyy before its time for that big day. PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

  3. THE BRIDE AND GROOM'S EXPECTATIONS - Regular meetings with the bride and groom are essential to a smooth running wedding for a photographer. It's your opportunity to go back and forth with the smallest questions that can have the biggest impact on wedding day, like order of the wedding, shooting parents, seating and more.

  4. BE APPROACHABLE AND EXCITED - A lot of times photographers can ease the worry on the bridal party by just having an amazing attitude and ensuring your clients they have nothing to worry about. Go in with confidence. Show your confidence. This will allow your clients to have trust in you, and maybe even a nice tip :)

Do you remember the first time you shot a wedding? What changes have you made?

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