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Making Money as a Photographer

I get alot of questions about how to become a successful photographer and make good money. Well first lets be frank. We would all like to just take pictures and work for ourselves and nobody else! That's the end goal right? But how do you get to that point?

  1. Learn your craft! Learn your equipment. Too often I see photographers who purchase very expensive gear but barely know how to use it. You have to become a student of photography. Learning lighting, posing, composition, lines; everything you need to create amazing images. Editing is also a key ingredient to help take your photography and images to the next level.

  2. You have to be consistent and dedicated. It is very easy to lose the inspiration and motivation in photography. Continue to find ways to be creative. The world is your canvas. You have all this real estate to capture amazing images. Think outside the box. When clients see your work, your eye, that is what draws your audience into you.

  3. Probably the most important out of all, but becoming a "versatile" photographer is how you start to really make money. For example, I market myself as a renown portrait photographer, but I also do weddings, maternity, newborn, real estate, graduations, and many more areas. It is extremely important to branch out and learn other areas of photography. Don't become a one hit wonder. The more you know, the more you shoot, the more money you make!

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Good information for this new Photographer. I think your work is awesome also. Besides taking pictures, I commit daily to learning something new about my gear and something new about the business.


Janice Tunnell
Janice Tunnell
Feb 22, 2022

This is a great reminder to always study the craft and to continue to find ways to stay motivated!

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