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Keys to doing a Maternity Shoot!

Believe it or not, shooting maternity is a very challenging yet rewarding type of shoot. Depending on the shoot like the one you see before you, 70% of it is trust and communication. A woman ready to give birth is one if the most beautiful things we can see in our lifetime and being chosen to capture that is a very humbling experience. As a photographer, you have to draw that line between a model, and a mother. Yes, women do become very of conscious of their body especially if they are doing something nude or implied. Always remember to relax your client and ensure them why we are here in the first place. It is to capture the joy and essence of being pregnant and be able to look back on these first incredible images and being able to share with one day with your child. Help your client enjoy the experience. As the shoot goes on, continue to show them the amazing images you are capturing. This will allow your client to open up more, trust you and engage more in the shoot and be less conscious of their body. Don't make your client uncomfortable by staring, touching or looking in a manner not deemed professional. Maternity shooting is about trust, and capturing the very essence of a woman. Do that and you can't go wrong.

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It is always a pleasure studying your expertise 😎💯😁

Brandon Cole
Brandon Cole

Thanks brother appreciate the love!

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